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View Diary: Senate witness says women need 'scary-looking' guns to defend themselves (212 comments)

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  •  What an *ass*. (16+ / 0-)

    This twit has clearly never looked down the wrong end of a barrel pointed in her direction.

    My experience with that was a cop--who never really explained why he approached me with his gun drawn and pointed at my head, nor did he apologize. But it was just that itty bitty little thing they wear on their hips; not scary at all.

    But when you look into the black hole of a barrel, it could have been smaller, all pink and decked out with flowers, hearts and smily faces--and it would still have been scary as hell.

    But maybe that's just because I have some comprehension of what a bullet can do to a body.

    Someone should have made this idiot LOOK at pictures of people shot with bullets from not-scary guns.

    "Be just and good." John Adams to Thomas Jefferson

    by ogre on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 03:36:02 PM PST

    •  Maybe she watches movies (6+ / 0-)

      In the movies, it makes a difference whether the hero--or the villain--carries a big scary-looking gun or a little old ordinary looking gun.

      Indeed, her entire scenario of the mom and the gang of armed intruders, and then the mom pulls out this assault weapon, and starts firing (with the 100-round clips) is all very Hollywood. It would be a good idea for the mom to have had martial arts training (little did those gangsters know!) so that she alternates shooting them and punching them. There should be lots of suspense, when the movie-goer is biting his or her nails because the villains are so numerous and it is just the one mom fighting them. To protect her children, which makes her extra fierce.

    •  It takes a sweet little bullet (0+ / 0-)

      From a pretty blue gun
      To put those scarlet ribbons in your hair...

      -- Tom Waits

      YES! I'm a bleeding-heart liberal. Ya gotta problem wid dat?

      by mwm341 on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 02:10:25 PM PST

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