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View Diary: Senate witness says women need 'scary-looking' guns to defend themselves (212 comments)

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    How do you know most people who own guns don't know how to properly shoot them?  What study proves that?

    In places where guns are common and used often, and people have them....I assure you, they know how to handle them.

    I lived in AK 14 years, owned guns, hunted. Almost killed both kids and myself (SAD). AK has had very high gun ownership and gun deaths for decades. Salmon runs on rivers that are accessible by cars are referred to as 'combat fishing' for good reason. When a physician who had been head of Public Health retired after many years, he had this advice for Alaskans: If you want to keep from being killed by a gun, don't associate with anyone who owns one. That would leave very few potential friends.

    As far as training with a gun for competence, and being able to fight off some bad guys. 20/20, Diane Sawyer and some professional law enforcement officers/trainers did a very good job on that in this 9 minute segment. If only I had a gun. I especially like 'perishable skill'.

    The closest I've ever come to that much adrenaline are the cardiac codes I participated in over 16 years as a critical care nurse. There is only one dead person, rarely any blood, and no one is shooting at the code team. A big part of running a successful code is controlling the adrenaline level in the room. That takes a lot of code experience and practice to master and maintain.

    Just this weekend a 69 year old ex marine heard unusual noise from the front of his house. Because a neighbor had been vandalized recently, and the community was mistakenly (per law enforcement) afraid that local gang violence was increasing, he grabbed a gun and went out his front door. Seeing a strange car in his driveway, he fired into the air. He claims the driver put the car in forward. The police found it at the bottom of the drive.

    The gun owner shot and killed a 22 year old who had pulled into the driveway by mistake.  Looking for a friend he, his 17 yo girlfriend and 15 yo brother were going to go ice skating with. Initial reports blamed faulty GPS instructions. Doesn't matter. The whole situation is creating scenarios that start with hyped up fear and escalate rapidly into violence.

    You and the vast majority of owners are capable with guns. It's a relatively small group that are using guns and violence to cope with their problems. The victims, far more often than perps, are spouses, children, the gun owner, other family, friends, bosses, coworkers and total strangers.

    Like Tom Edison, I think we should use good ideas (stats, studies), and a lot of perseverance to find the most effective ways to deal with this. Many approaches that include socioeconomic and mental health factors along with well written gun laws that are funded, administrated and enforced as intended.

    "People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone. " Audrey Hepburn "A Beautiful Woman"

    by Ginny in CO on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 07:56:30 PM PST

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