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View Diary: Live hearings from Newtown on gun safety and gun violence (9 comments)

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  •  Some of us can watch this, others should not. It (3+ / 0-)
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    is too disturbing and can really hurt them.  We must however expand and discuss this gun violence issue until there is just legislation to protect all of us.  We can not give the spotlight to the NRA which can't help us with this because they are so hard hearted and care more for their guns than they do for little kids and all the others that are shot everyday in America.  They say more guns, I say fewer guns and fewer that are so lethal with rapid fire clips that  destroy many human bodies in seconds.  And all gun transfers need to be a matter of public record by people who know guns.  We must let people know that this is  a change we can and will make.  Doing this is the best tribute of lasting social significance that the little kids and others shot evey day could have.  

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