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View Diary: Gun Laws?? Extremist 'Straw Gun Buyers' (49 comments)

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  •  they're all straw buyers (11+ / 0-)

    as I've said here before, a "legitimate" gun buyer is just initiating a lifecycle for that weapon. Though many weapons do remain in "legitimate" hands (where they're quite handy for use in suicide and domestic violence), many others join a powerful current that moves them toward domestic illegal uses (gangs, people who are banned from owning guns, etc) and international trafficking (Mexico).

    The more comprehensive background check requirements people are talking about, if implemented universally with proper funding, could help better study this flow of weapons in order to evaluate other measures; but the most important element of the background checks is that it will reduce the number of people who can initially buy a gun and kick off that lifecycle. If we can have a national database keeping track of who's buying guns, we could also potentially put limits on the number of purchases an individual can make and identify deliberate traffickers, too.

    Drying up supply is something that will take decades, but we can start now by implementing measures that will put a drag on the flow of guns at key points in this lifecycle. There's much more we can do, too, but I'm quite interested in slowing down the supply side in the near term.

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