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  •  Ah, the power of the media (3+ / 0-)
    Our biggest problem is media. There are absolutely NO Progressive radio PROGRAMS any where in the Amarillo, Lubbock ,Wichita Falls and Midland area.  We need to be able to pump our propaganda
    You most certainly have a very tough row to hoe.  But don't give up.   We don't need to pump our propaganda.  That is what Faux, Rush and Rick Perry do.  Telling the truth  w/o the GOP/corporate filter is a good starting point.  Most folks are not as stupid as Rick Perry and his ilk.

    Hang tight and reach out to the bloggers cited in my diary.  There is no one in the Panhandle but Harold, Vince, McBlogger and PDiddie can give you some very good advice.  Heck, maybe you could join our group of progressive bloggers in Texas.  Kosmail me if you are interested.

    •  You really don't understand (4+ / 0-)

      I have been fighting this 12 years as a party member in one form or another.

      It is area wide. Obama only got 20% of the vote in Mexican -American heritage now citizen voters. You can not get the message out in these small towns in the big red area when the majority are extremely religious and the community leaders like employers are extreme conservative. The minority small business are Republican. It is all reinforced in the media.

      Last Primary the republicans had 5 questions on the ballot for the voters to answer. In my county the tally was my 26 voters to the republican 1,000 plus. Those extreme right wing carried with 90% of the vote.

      You can not win by sending money to the state to win an election and then go home. You have to change the mind set and keep it changed. It is a constant fight. I couldn't do a damn thing with $3.20 .

      At that I still put some of my own money in so I might have some cowardly County Commissioners.  I can not get in touch with my neighboring County Chairmen and headquarters in Austin has gone from a prestigious address on Congress avenue to an office suite hide some were away from the powerhouses.

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