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View Diary: Republican senators want to stop work at two agencies over recess appointments (98 comments)

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  •  how much more dysfunctional do these right wing (0+ / 0-)

    zealots want government and this nation to be?

    from the nutcases in congress to the far right judges - they aren't trying to symbolically drown government in the bathtub, they are trying to drown all americans they disagree with (and a few republicans who are collateral damage thrown in).

    the "new world order" of republican teahadists:

    * kill the financial credibility of the nation on a worldwide basis.

    * let blue states be destroyed by extreme weather.

    * deny extreme weather has a human related cause.

    * deplete the jobs in america through outsoursing.

    * flood america with guns to kill off those stupid "pacifists".

    * arrest, prosecute and harass to death people seeking alreadyinformation openly available to the public.

    * lie, lie lie about the political process until people are disaffected and cynical

    * control the media to perpetuate those lies mentioned above

    * pack the congress with obstructionists to prevent any real functioning of our government

    * destroy the public education system

    * legislate science out of schools

    and what can we do about it?  we need to come together to vote the people out of congress who are doing the damage.  we need to find a way to remove (impeach?) judges with agendas.  we need to start now to pressure the roberts court (roberts, specifically) to let roberts know that his legacy will be one that is worse than any other in history if he backs these efforst to "re-write" the constitution to suit pseudochristian conservatives who are the antipathy of everything this nation was founded upon!


    if these three judges succeed in erasing these recess appointments, other neoconservative judges will be emboldened to try to eradicate any OTHER progressive change or legal action that doesn't fit their agenda.

    i am worried, truly worried, about the future of this nation if this ruling stands.  the idea that appointed judges can retroactively re-write the long-standing rights of the executive branch won't be the last.  next, i fear, we will see a small contingent trying to declare any progressive or "liberal" law passed by the majority as unconstitutional - throwing the ultimate decision into the hands of a packed court.

    that the senate has prohibited the appointment of so many unfilled jobs in government goes unnoticed - yet, the right wing still tries to make sure government cannot function at all unless it is in the direction of the minority agenda.

    i am truly frightened by the obviously unqualified and mentally unbalanced people who have been elected to make laws in this nation - from federal to state level.  we are becoming a nation obstructed by idiots, elected by idiots who are trying to make sure that everyone else behaves like an idiot.

    the ONLY way i see us coming out of this is if we unite against that group and work for their ousting from political power.

    we cannot do that by being at each other's throats here and on other sites while they keep slipping past us and building a more solid hurdle for us to try to cross.

    we have a common enemy - and it isn't here - it is in front of our eyes in congress, in the courts, in the state houses and local school boards, board of supervisors, mayors offices, etc.

    we need to get back to basics!  all politics are local - and then build up from there!

    EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

    by edrie on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 01:10:20 PM PST

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