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View Diary: NRA's opposition to universal background check shows just how unreasonable it plans to be (227 comments)

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    We can't register guns, because that means the gubmint will then knock on my double wide's door and jackbooted thugs will take my guns.
    We can't do universal background checks, because we already do that (but not really).
    We can't close the gun show loophole because there is no such thing.
    We cannot look to any other country with little or no gun related violence to see how they achieve this because we are special and those people don't understand "freedom".
    We can't write a single comprehensive federal gun law because the 20,000 state laws are so wonderful and they work so well.  To realize they aren't working and to address them with a single sane approach would be an attack on the Constitution.
    We can't study guns and gun related injuries because that is an attack on liberty.
    We can't do mental health screening before allowing somebody to buy a gun because the preppers would all fail and they are a critical part of our corporate masters' business model.
    We can't limit magazine size because that is an attack on freedom.
    We can't do gun control because criminals will overrun the country and we won't have the guns to shoot them at will!
    We can't limit the types of assault rifles people have because James Madison thought we should be able to overthrow the democratically elected government at will by firing on anybody from the government who displeases us!  The 2nd Amendment is all about the Right of Insurrection!  

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