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View Diary: Gun Owners Foundation of America hates the freedom to marry (29 comments)

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  •  Scott, well put here, and a question. (0+ / 0-)
    I find it odd that group can defend one right a absolutist and another as negligible. The more obvious tact would be Gun Owners Foundation would oppose government meddling and the use of authority to narrow available freedoms. But of course, "this is different..."

    Not that I see what concern it is to Gun Owners of America who anyone is allowed to marry. It's like cartographers filing a amicus brief.

    Your words in bold are held as-valid by anti-gunners, many of whom if intellectually honest, will say "we can't take them all this year, but we can by 2016 if we really try".
    A frontpager opined:
    Better that everyone be disarmed, well... except for the professionals, be they uniformed by Xe/Blackwater, DHS or your State Police.  The 1% provides for the rest of us.
    Oh, and probably the really lawless will still have guns too.

    There's another concept:
    Better that thousands should die at the hands of the lawless, than raise a hand against them.  Once they know you pose no real threat of harm to them, the lawless too will give-up the guns.
    That's a sort-of twisted Society of Friends pacifist mantra.
    A Moral high-ground  death, torture or raping will benefit society, not to mention your personal karma.

    A question.  If the GOF is a branch of the GOA, and the GOA is a non-profit organized and granted status for the purpose of Second Amendment issues?

    Then marriage equality violates the scope of the charter granted to the organization.
    I'd be calling the State Corporations Division, and the IRS.

    "Somebody's got some 'splainin' to do around here."

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