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View Diary: Calgary Cruz smears Chuck Hagel (102 comments)

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  •  Forget Calgary; Emphasize Bush-Cheney-Iraq (3+ / 0-)

    Weakening Cruz, who at 42 can wait a long time to seek further advancement, requires strong long-term strategy.  Cruz's far-right posturing probably reflects a considered political strategy rather than merely gut reflexes.  (This is indicated by his record of high stakes litigation after blue-chip education).

    For Progressives to emphasize the "Calgary" aspect of Cruz's background is a weak strategy. This label is a substance-free distraction, which is easy for Cruz to swat away when most advantageous for him.  Cruz's record of swatting skills includes winning many student debate competitions.

    "Chickenhawk" is better (especially in light of Cruz's attacks on Chuck Hagel), since Cruz was young enough to volunteer for service in the Iraq war launched by the W administration in which Cruz was an appointee.

    Damaging labels and memes might be found through analyzing the the (Florida year-2000) Bush-Cheney Recount Committee, of which Cruz was the named representative in court filings.

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