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View Diary: Neal Boortz, his death is on your head (209 comments)

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  •  and now, with no Boortz--it's Limbaugh (4+ / 0-)
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    so, yes, the quality of Atlanta radio just got worse. WSB radio has Limbaugh as a cheap replacement for local hate. More hateful, never with any progressive logical solutions for any "problems" these hatemongers wallow in.

    At least Boortz would stand up for gay rights, abortion, and a few outside the hate portfolio views, not that he is a good guy. Good riddance. (I admit I did like it years ago when Hannity was his upstart Atlanta competitor and Ralph Reed's Christian RIght was on the rise. Boortz would call these frauds "super Christians" and refer to Hannity as "baby Jesus". )

    If only Al Jazeerah had a local radio presence, and we could get traffic feeds without hate.

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