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  •  I recced and then unrecced the diary. (2+ / 0-)
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    Ahianne, berrieh

    It was pretty good until you tried to tie Ayn Rand into it, which was just a reach too far.  Not defending her -- just saying that it's not an accurate description of events and confuses matters.  It's fair, though, to bring in Mitt's 47%.

    You don't need to look to Ayn Rand (who, by the way, was never a fan of guns and who carried out the revolution in her long dreary book, Atlas Shrugged, nonviolently).  You can look at a number of themes that are older and more prominent.  Go back to D.W. Griffith and Birth of a Nation (1915).  The narrative is that white people have to take up arms not to fight and kill people they hate, although that's entertaining too, I'm sure, but to DEFEND something that they already have.  Not just the property, but the sanctity of the property.  

    And so we have a car IN HIS DRIVE WAY, full of oh-my-god MEXICANS.  How dare they!  Sailor didn't have to think about entitlement programs when he shot that guy.  He was thinking, I'm sure, "FUCKING MEXICANS!  THEY'RE IN MY DRIVEWAY!  I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THAT."

    And, of course, just like George Zimmerman, he assumes that local law enforcement will totally understand why he shoots and kills this person, who couldn't possibly be innocent, because, hey, he's a FUCKING MEXICAN AND HE'S IN MY DRIVEWAY.  In fact, they have played this scenario out enough times in their own deluded minds that we can speculate Sailor was as surprised as Zimmerman to find himself being arrested.

    And will he get away with it?  Yeah, probably, and that's the shame.  There was an international incident about fifteen years ago that some people here may remember, and I think it was in Atlanta as well, where some Japanese tourist was trying to find a party, went to the wrong house and knocked on the door, and when the residents realized he wasn't white and he was speaking "gibberish" to them, they shot him dead on the porch.  It was an enormous scandal in Japan; people there were horrified to find that people could do things like that in America to one of their own and pay no penalty.  The shooter went scot free without a trial.  The local newspapers were inundated with pro-shooter letters.

    •  Sadly, in the Zimmerman case (1+ / 0-)
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      local law enforcement was intending to do just that...totally understand.  Were it not for public outrage, he would never have been arrested.  

      Like that 16 yr. old rape victim in Steubenville.  The defense is crying that "evidence" is tampered because everyone saw stuff posted on Youtube.  Huh??  I say thank god for social media.  It seems to be the only oversight we have.

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