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View Diary: Second Amendment and other constitutional rights are not absolute (70 comments)

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    cocinero, cotterperson

    See also a woman's 14th Amendment liberty interest in privacy surrounding her decision regarding a non-viable fetus. Subject to reasonable regulation. All Constitutional rights are.

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      Non viable. When is a fetus viable? Becuase I would totally agree as one believing in the sanctity of life. Viability is science. And viability is becoming earlier and earlier as science progressss.

      •  Viability in this context (1+ / 0-)
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        is the ability to live outside the womb with or without medical intervention. And don't fight with me about it. It's the definition of the US Supreme Court and more than one religious scholar.

        Life on earth is complicated and nuanced. It is not black and white.

        If you wish to make facile statements about the sanctity of life there are thousands of Web sites and groups that would be happy to have you.

        Don't throw it at me, ok?

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