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View Diary: I'll let Mike Royko speak for me on guns. (147 comments)

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  •  I often quote Mike's stuff. Rare to find someone (8+ / 0-)

    who knows where it is from.  Most recently because of the nudist thing in SF I quoted his column on the nudists.  Mike kept a summer place up in Wisconsin in the town where I went to high school.  We also have/had a nudist camp near town.  When Mike was out at a local restaurant the camp was having a banquet.  Mike's best comment was that "Why is it that those people who are nudists are rarely those that we want to see naked?"

    After the Daily News but before working for the Trib he was at the Sun Times, while Rupert the scum owned the it.
    He called Rupert "The Alien".  And not just because he was from The Land Down Under.

    Because Mike had a summer place in town often our family would run in to him and his family.  He was always gracious, kind and funny even when waiting in line for stuff at the local German style butcher or a restaurant.

    One other thing not to forget -- Mike played REAL softball.  Not the namby gloves and fast pitch stuff.  REAL softball with a ball the CORRECT SIZE.  16 inches.

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