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  •  Royko versus AT&T (13+ / 0-)

    One of my all-time favorite Royko columns was when AT&T had set up a new toll-free number and if you forgot to dial 1-800 it went to Royko's desk.  He got pretty annoyed by this, and asked AT&T to change their number.  They refused.

    So he started answering the calls for AT&T and when people asked about the advertised service he's say "Sorry, we don't do that stuff any more" and "we sold all that business to the Japanese".  He was amazed at how many people believed this -- but then he figured that his sample consisted only of people who forget to dial 1-800 when making a toll-free call.

    All this from decades-old memory, so caveat lector.

    Better to hide your tax returns and be thought a crook than to release them and remove all doubt. [Adapted from Abraham Lincoln]

    by Caelian on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 11:31:51 AM PST

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