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    March 17, 1972: Mike Royko on St. Paddy's in Chicago

    "Everybody in Chicago is Irish on St. Patrick's Day."

    And to a visitor, that might appear to be true. In City Hall and other government offices, just about everyone wears a touch of green, whether they are Irish or something else.

    The Chicago River is dyed green, and green water spurts from the fountain in the Civic Center Plaza.

    Regardless of what they usually serve, most restaurants add corned beef and cabbage to their menu, and some put green coloring in the beer.

    But the true spirit of the day can be seen at the great parade down State St., with a green stripe painted down the center of the road.

    While most marchers in the front of the parade are Irish -- including such officials as the mayor, the assessor, the president of the County Board, the county clerk, the police chief, and the fire chief -- following behind are many individuals and organizations representing other nationalities, most of them sporting the symbolic shamrock, the Irish walking sticks and green hats.

    "People who see a contradiction between science and the bible don't really understand either." PvtJarHead Warmest Regards Translator RIP

    by Tinfoil Hat on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 07:01:58 PM PST

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