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    coquiero, Cartoon Peril

    The 2nd Amendment was a guarantee to slave states that their militias would be there to protect them against an invasion by the federal government to emancipate their slaves.

    It was necessary in order to persuade those states to ratify the Constitution, even though there were numerous other obnoxious compromises such as the 3/5, the Senate and Electoral College, and the 10th Amendment, because of the spreading abolitionist fever and because of the establishment in the Constitution of a standing federal army.

    But since the Civil War, it has been completely obsolete and useless. just like the 3/5 Compromise. Only in the 20th Century was it applied to the question of gun control, in spite of its clear connection to militias (through the phrases “well-regulated militia”, taken from the Articles of Confederation, and the phrase “bear arms”, used at least since the 17th Century primarily to refer to military action).

    The 2nd Amendment never had anything to do with personal defense (or with hunting, for that matter).

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