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View Diary: Glenn Beck on 'female Eskimo Hispanic dwarf cross-dressers' in combat (192 comments)

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  •  SO I wrote to Glenn at (1+ / 0-)
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    My response:
    1.    I think you really need to understand that women have been in combat for many years now, they just didn’t credit for it – ask Tammy Duckworth.
    2.    See Courage Under Fire movie – since you think all that passes before your stupid cow eyes is reality. You also think that every dumbass thing you say is reality too, when  in fact, we both know you just want hayseeds and bigots to pay you to say them.
    3.    You act as if you are brave or something, by claiming, “well I’m gonna be politically incorrect, because it’s my network…” – there is no bravery when just singing in the shower to yourself. No bravery is displayed by being a cowardly, mean, sumbitch spouting crap in your own studio. I did notice there wasn’t a female US Soldier in the room when you said it. Now that would have been brave, the kinda stupid bravery of bullies and needledicks everywhere. Grow a pair, would you?

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