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  •  That list is not possible to... (0+ / 0-)

    ...collect reliably.

    Obviously, almost every actual serious injury or death from a firearm is reported to the police and the more notable ones end up in the news. Admittedly, it's likely some minor accidental ones are never reported (grazing wounds to oneself for example) because the injured party decides not to seek medical care because they either feel stupid about the situation or don't want to risk the police charging them with some crime (such as negligent discharge of a firearm)

    However, in the case of self defense, it's unlikely that most uses involve discharge, let alone discharge resulting in injury or death of another party -- just as most armed robberies don't result in the criminal discharging her gun, let alone injuring anyone.

    Without discharge of the defensive weapon, the attempted crime is likely never reported in some cases. Even in cases where it is reported to the police, is not very newsworthy in urban areas so it's unlikely to make it into the media. Given the labyrinth of gun laws in this country, a substantial portion of the gun owning population think they are in compliance, but are concerned that they may have be in violation of some detailed provision of the hundreds of firearm laws that impact them. Other gun owners know they are likely not in complete compliance. These individuals are likely to decide not to report crimes aborted by their "non-discharge" use of a defensive weapon or, if reported, "forget" to mention the part about how the criminal left not because they were told to but because there was a firearm pointed at them when that command was given.

    Seriously, at the extreme, how many people buying illegal drugs report to the police when they get ripped off by the dealer? Those that do are rare and end up in the "World's Dumbest Criminals" lists.

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