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View Diary: Indian Child Removal: Racism, "Perverse Financial Incentives," and Willful Violation of the ICWA (156 comments)

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  •  LOTS of "liberal" white authorities (and others). (13+ / 0-)

    Very, very common paternalism.  I see that attitude every single day.  But it's more than just a "culture clash" - it's outright racism, of the most insidious sort.

    What you say about the kids being raised in the own culture:  Ask any of us here on this site who were raised, in whole or in part, away from our own people/lands/traditions/languages/cultural ties/etc.  For myself, I know, there's a void in my soul that will never be filled, because it cannot be filled.  That chance was lost before it ever existed.  And I've had to learn to make my peace with that, however uneasy.  But when you're stolen from your family, too?  There's a reason that these children disproportionately wind up in the prison pipeline, etc., and it has nothing to do with them having been bad kids, because they weren't.

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    by Aji on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 12:57:09 PM PST

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