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  •  No Kidding - These People Live in Fantasy Land (2+ / 0-)
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    Minnesota Deb, darthstar

    They all think they are action heroes in a movie where they realize they are under fire when  dozens of rounds are fired at them but miraculously they avoid being hit, giving them ample time to take cover, and kill the bad guys. In real life, most people discover they are under fire when a bullet hits them and are probably seriously injured or dead before they have time to take stock of the situation.

    I studied a number of different styles of Martial Arts and Self Defense and still vividly recall my instructors demonstrations of what to do in the event somebody pulls a gun on you. Fall to the floor and beg for your life. Seriously, if someone pulls a gun on you and yours is not already trained on them and firing, you are SOL. That is the big piece of information all of these dumb asses with their concealed and open carry laws can't get through their non-existent brains. If someone has a gun out and yours is holstered, your gun is worthless unless you can get under cover before they shoot you. This is why the new is full of stories about who were shot even though they are a gun owner.

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