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    I went to bed late. Cleo kitty got up on the window seat and started hissing. Then she started growling. Sometimes a possum comes into the back yard, so I assumed that is what it was.

    This is Cleo:

    I realized that she doesn't react like that to a mere possum, so I found a big flashlight (a spotlight, really) and shined it through the window. I only caught a glimpse of it, but with a tail like that, it was clearly a rat.

    All of the lights were out, but my computer screen in the next room had not shut down yet, so it was difficult to see out the back window.

    I go back to bed. The computer screen goes dark. I hear a noise outside. Now I can clearly see a rat in the bird feeder munchy-wunching on sunflower seeds!

    I have one of those clear bird feeders suction cupped to the window. No wonder Cleo was growling. The rat was an inch away!

    Now, I am definitely annoyed. Sometimes, I leave the back door open during the day so that Orion and Cleo can go out. We can't be having rats here!

    Cleo doesn't go outside at night, but Orion does. This is Orion:

    I find Orion in the front room sleeping on a chair. I scoop him up and carry him out back and show him the bird feeder. I go back to bed. I see Orion sniffing around the bird feeder, so he must smell prey.

    I try to go back to sleep. I can't. I am worried about Orion wanting back in or the rat coming back. The rat does come back. I try calling Orion through the closed window, but he is off catting around somewhere. The rat does something cool. One second he is there. Then he is gone. Orion comes back and looks through the window. Orion and the rat were never at the window at the same time, though.

    I let Orion back in and try to sleep, but I couldn't fall asleep until dawn.

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