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    All I've got to say, is I'm not totally against the President having some of the powers of a King . . . if only he'd USE THE DAMNED THINGS effectively.  For instance, to hang at least a dozen of the top banksters from the top of the Washington monument.  Kings historically enforced honesty in commerce by draconian penalties for fraud and usury.  Or by demanding and passing a healthy national budget.  Ol' Tricky Dick Nixon knew how to force Congress to heel and he didn't have half the LEGAL powers that Obama now wields . . . he just did it anyway.

    A King who only uses his powers against the most vulnerable of targets, while shying from confrontation with his more powerful subjects, is known as weak and ineffectual.  In a real monarchy, he's also quickly known as Dead.  Our system seems to at least avoid that.  Pity. (None of the above intended in any way to wish personal harm upon Mr. Obama, who I honestly feel is doing pretty much the best he thinks he can do -- he's just far too cautious in speaking truth to Power for  my tastes).

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