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  •  Skeet has a "low house" and a "high house" (16+ / 0-)

    One target travels at head height, the other roughly 12 ft above grade level.  They cross left and right before your position.  The targets release the same way, as you traverse a semi-cirular set of "stations".

    Trap is a different activity, with a stationary "low" house and a more complex target thrower, which can vary angle and height.  You remain at your assigned station, for the entire 25 clay session.

    BHO appears to be firing at a low-house clay.

    •  Ignorance On Display (4+ / 0-)
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      kyril, Onomastic, 88kathy, 43north
      Skeet has a "low house" and a "high house"
      I haven't finished reading this thread, but your post sure shows that the wingnuts don't appear to know squat, for the most part, about shooting sports.

      So their comments only serve to illustrate how unfactual their worlds are. This pic of the Prez will only give us more fodder for Political Stupidity 101; Classes broadcast daily at Fox New Channel.

      "We will find fulfillment not in the goods that we have, but in the good we can do for each other." ~ RFK

      by paz3 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 01:20:30 PM PST

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