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  •  Skeet, trap, and sporting clays are a lot of fun. (1+ / 0-)
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    If I am trying to show gun skeptics that shooting can be fun and not very scary or dangerous, I almost always try to take them to shoot some trap. Rifle ranges or pistols (back when I used to own a pistol), can be fun too, but there is a real thrill to aiming at a moving target and breaking a clay. I think the shotguns used are generally less controversial to people who are skeptical about guns than pistols, though obviously if someone is really uninterested, I don't try to pressure them into it. But if they're willing to give it a try, I think they might really enjoy it. Also, skeet is so challenging that after a rough first attempt, I've had friends that really wanted to try a few more rounds to see if they could score a little better.

    So it doesn't surprise me at all that someone like the President, who was never into hunting or shooting, could try shooting trap or skeet and find it to be fun and kind of addicting. It's an awfully satisfying sport, I think, particularly for people who aren't into organized sports and prefer activities where the emphasis is on individual achievement and improvement, it really fits the bill. Kind of like golf (sporting clays is even sometimes referred to as golf with a shotgun).

    The NRA crowd that tries to divide the world into gun abolitionists and full-on AR-15 owning folks completely miss this of course. It doesn't fit their narrative of Obama being someone who hates guns and wants to eliminate all private gun ownership.

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