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  •  Okay, so I was gonna do a quick (13+ / 0-)

    drivebye when Dr. Destructo jumps onto the computer desk and worms his way behind the speakers, drive, and box o' rays and proceeds to disconnect almost everything.  He is now upstairs locked in the bedroom with NCIS reruns.  (He prefers tennis or basketball so that should show him.)

    I think I owe someone a response as to pootie knitting bag antics.  I always try to make sure my knitting bags are zippered shut.  Like that works anymore.  It's not the yarn he goes after, it's the double pointed needles.  

    Have you ever dropped a bamboo double pointed needle?  It makes a cute, attractive sound when dropped on a wooden floor.  But, NOT like the noise a metal needle makes. We had to move a lot of furniture for that adventure.  

    The problem comes in because he's attracted to the metal zipper pulls. He grabs and pulls. Nothing is safe from this, uh, fu#%^r animal.  (Oh, yes, and no front claws didn't make a difference as to opening doors.  Really didn't think it would.)

    February is National Heart Month. I guess that explains the Valentine's Day decor, huh.

    by Powered Grace on Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 01:24:51 PM PST

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