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    DarkSyde, Bridge Master

    There are two different portraits here.

    You primarily portray this as -- Wow! I'm super healthy! I run 10 miles for fun! and OMG! I had a heart attack! Unbelievable!

    But then you mention in passing, almost glossed over entirely, the idea you've gotten "a bit overweight" the last few years.

    I'm just wondering if you're not missing the lesson here. Where you out of shape and engaging in risky behavior by jumping into a vigorous fitness routine again all at once? Was your 10 miler "for fun" something that was perhaps beyond your fitness level and, in fact, dangerous? Because of holiday indulgences and a desire to get back in shape, were you working out at an intensity that was beyond your current level of fitness?

    A not insignificant number of people die each year trying to run marathons. Exercising at an intensity that is beyond your current level of fitness is dangerous for the heart.

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      greenearth, mikidee

      definitely worked up to the ten miler. I had run five miles several times, got to five miles one day and felt good, so I just kept going to see if I could do ten. I wouldn't do that often though, I could feel it in my knees and ankles for days afterward, not the usual healthy muscle soreness, although I had plenty of that too, but also tenderness and some bone/cartilage pain. I'm not really built for running. I'll never be a threat at local 10ks.

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