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  •  I'm (5+ / 0-)

    sorry if I was unclear or frightened you, I should have been more thorough. It's more involved than in shape at one point and out the next.

    Here's the timeline: I started getting out of shape in 2005, by about 2007 I was at 175 lbs. Then I got back into some shape for about a year, but I didn't stick with it. Got back to about 180 lbs pretty quick by 2009 -- it seemed way easier to gain it that second time btw, probably an age thing plus I was happy as a clam in domestic bliss.

    In 2010 I started working out again for a few months and lost about 15 lbs, but again like a dumbass I didn't stick with it and started gaining again. Then I broke my back about a year and a half ago, that's when I topped out at 200 lbs, during the fall of 2011. After getting the OK from the back injury docs I decided I would never get out of shape again -- that injury probably wouldn't have happened if I had been in shape.

    It took me almost a year to lose 25 lbs, to get back to 175, that's where I was last month when all this happened. Part of that regimen included lots of running and ellipticals and stair steppers. Depending on the workout I would usually warm up by running a mile and then lift weights, or if it was a cardio day I'd run three to five miles and do some other aerobic stuff like FX's and stair steppers.

    If you are in your mid 30s, running 10 clicks every day, have super low body fat, and have no symptoms, have no history of heart trouble, there's not much reason to worry that you are at risk for a heart attack. It happens to young poeple sometimes, but statistically you're probablt more likely to get killed in a car wreck than you are to suffer a massive heart attack. If it's messing with your mind -- which is way more common than people realize -- get it checked out. My guess is the cardiologists will do an echo, put you on a treadmill, see your results, and assure you there is nothing to worry about.

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