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  •  Two of the men I loved most in life (3+ / 0-)

    dropped dead at a young age from SCA - my favorite uncle, in 1986, at age 47; and my BFF/2nd Ex, in 1999, at age 51.  Both were physically active (Uncle Pete rode his bicycle from Dallas to Minneapolis the year before he died; BFF/Ex golfed, skied, ran, etc.). The BFF/Ex was running on a indoor track at his health club when he dropped dead.  Uncle Pete was driving to a gig (he was a jazz musician), dressed in his tux, when his heart stopped.  

    The BFF/Ex had had a "mild" MI a couple of years before (in circumstances a lot like DS's), and had angioplasty and a balloon inserted. As far as I know, Uncle Pete hadn't had reason to know his heart was blocked (although he had been having a lot of problems keeping his seizure disorder managed, which might or might not have been related).

    They both smoked.  They both struggled with depression.

    I gained a lot of weight when I quit smoking in 2006 (and became menopausal). I told  myself I could always lose the weight but never grow a new lung or heart - it made quitting easier.  But now the weight gain has contributed to high BP, high LDL, high triglycerides, etc.  I've started walking 2 miles a day/every day and eating a Mediterranean diet - lost 16 pounds since January 1. I don't want to die yet.  I hope I haven't done too much damage already.

    Good on you for surviving this, DS.  And congrats on quitting smoking.

    Out with the gloomage - in with the plumage!

    by mikidee on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 08:21:24 AM PST

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