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View Diary: Kosability special edition, My Husband, My best Friend, my Caretaker Died Suddenly without warning (226 comments)

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    KnotIookin, you have been very brave. It must be so, incredibly hard for you to cope with this. I am sending warm wishes and virtual hugs to you.

    There is a tool a couple of friends have used to coordinate the help they've needed for health and other situations. It's called Lotsa Helping Hands. You (or better, someone who can do it for you) specify what kind of help you need (a ride, cooking, bathing, just someone to keep you company), and when. You (or your helper) invite your friends to the site. Your friends volunteer to help out at times that work for them, on tasks they can do. It makes it much easier for the people who want to help you to know what you need, and much easier for you to get the help you need, when you need it.

    I hope it helps. You will get through this. We will be behind you all the way.

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