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  •  logic fail (0+ / 0-)

    Because the consequences of gun use DON'T stay in the privacy of one's home, impinging ONLY the rights and freedoms of the person who decides to keep a gun.

    For almost anyone who feels the slightest desire or need to keep a gun in their home, for ANY reason...

    The home is where the guns are.

    1. It is also where most people live.
    2. Where people of all ages typically let their guard down.
    3. Where children play.
    4. Where adults conduct "private" squabbles.
    5. It is where people keep medicines, and take medicines that may impair their judgment or function in various ways.
    6. It is where people visit, people who themselves or their children may have no experience with safe gun handling.
    7. It is also where people eat and drink significant quantities of alcohol.

    The privacy protection principle is strong, but the logic fails because the consequences of gun USE do not stay "in the privacy of one's home."

    The proximity of a gun, can too easily transform a moment of inattention or poor judgment or momentary loss of impulse control into wrecked lives and communities.

    And I'm not even including the right to carry.

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