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  •  Carolyn Maloney, D NY thinks he was. (3+ / 0-)
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    Congressional testimony 3/21/12

    Geithner was "accused" of being responsible for the bailout during testimony. It prompted this from Rep. Maloney.

    Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, New York-14:

    ...Secretary Geither, as a former resident of NY, and I think I speak for all New Yorkers when we say we are so proud of you and your service ... I'd like to follow up on my good friend's questioning.
    There is a consensus in this country that if we had not invested - he uses the term bailout - but if we had not invested in the American auto industry, we would have totally lost it, lost it.

    I don't know about my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, but it's hard for me to imagine an America that doesn't make its own cars. I would prefer to see more things made in America, with American jobs, and it was at a hearing at this committee, where GM testified that they are the leading car producer in the world, that they're employing 1.3 million Americans and that they are now exporting the Volt.

    I would call that an American success story. I'd call that American dream.

    If it is true that you are the architect of this program ... We should be carrying him around on our shoulders, and thanking him for saving American jobs, building American exports, building up the economy of our country, so I would like to say, Thank you. Secretary. Geithner.

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