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  •  ha. (0+ / 0-)

    It's in the Spotlight. Lots of people wandered in thinking it would be a nice diary for them. It wasn't a backhanded insult at all. I'm sorry if reading differing opinions upsets you so.

    •  Just keep pretending that the insults (2+ / 0-)
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      Dallasdoc, SpecialKinFlag

      Aren't the problem and that I'm really just close minded and you'll be safely ensconced in your bubble where anyone who doesn't support the president completely and fuly on every issue is just not liberal enough.

      Ta ta, I'm done with this pie fight.

      •  odd (0+ / 0-)

        that you would jump to the conclusion that I support the President on every issue because I think Geithner may have been for the bailout of the auto industry. Really, quite a jump, AoT. I wonder why it upsets you so that I think Geithner may have been for it that you make that accusation.

        •  Yes, this is *only* about the auto-bailout (5+ / 0-)

          Let's pretend that there is no history of attacking and insulting the critics of the president.

          I didn't even complain about the content of the diary except to note that it was a diary itching for a pie fight ad suddenly I am somehow scared to read it.  This whole thing is absurd.  It shouldn't be in the community spotlight, that is the issue.  If I wrote a diary that treated people who disagreed with me the same as this diary does, and I certainyl have done that, then it shouldn't be in the Community Spotlight either.

          Some folks didn't mention the Autobailout and they get attacked as being "psuedo-liberal," as if this one issue decides where we all stand on the political spectrum.

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