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  •  Thanks for posting the recording of (10+ / 0-)

    Jole's hilarious.  I've spent a lot of time in Louisiana and this was always one of my favorite two-step songs (quite different from this recording) are the actual lyrics so you can compare them to Waylon Jenning's version:

    Joli Blon, ma chere 'tit fille
        Gardez donc quoi t'aprés faire
        Joli Blon, tu croyais
        Il avait juste toi dedans le pays

    Eh a ha! Eh a ha!
        Joli Blon ma 'tit fille criminelle
        Joli Blon, tu m'as laisse moi tout seul

    One of my friends, a musician, has Buddy Holly's autograph (his prize possession)...he lived near Holly's house in Lubbock, and one day, he and his younger sister, managed to muster enough courage to knock on the singer's front door...when Buddy answered, they blurted out, "Can we have your autograph?"  They said he invited them in, then tore off a piece of the newspaper he had been reading and signed it...from everything I've heard, he was a pretty down-to-earth person.

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