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    There is a critical issue that gets little to no discussion.  There are those, like myself, age 47, who truly believe that the planet's climate has changed both scientific and empirical evidence.  The issue is if we have passed a tipping point already where there is essentially nothing we can do to reverse the effects of climate change.  Put another way - if we shut off every emissions polluting device tomorrow - the climate would continue to change for the worse.  This leads to the obvious conclusion that while global climate policy should seek to minimize emissions, we must realize that we have to prepare for the rise in sea levels that will affect some of our and the planet's largest cities.  At a minimum, we have to take small bore measures that like burying power lines and updating the power grid so the more frequent and intense storms don't leave millions without power.  Some would start to relocate parts of the City.  I can't cite any single scientific study but I think we have passed the rubicon and have entered an era where we need to start to address 'containment' right away and accept that events like Hurricane Sandy and various other summer and fall storms over the past several years are not a string of anomalies.  Hard choices must be made and soon.  

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