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View Diary: Was Chuck Hagel "Just Plain Bad" in His Confirmation Hearing? (55 comments)

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    Senate hearings have long been more about the Senators than the subject.  I guess it's the fact that they get to be on the TV machine, but for many years now, the "questions" tend to be either thinly disguised statements of some position or other, or phrased as gotchas to pander to some part of their constituency.  This particular hearing was exceptional only in its egregiousness.

    Hagel's problem, such as it was, was that his objective was to be as inoffensive as possible.  I suspect that he came off looking bad in this situation because that is deeply contrary to his nature.  What was seen as lack of preparedness might well have been simply awkwardness.

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      with your last paragraph (not that I disagree with the first either :-). That was exactly my feeling as I was watching, namely that he had to do something that is "deeply contrary ot his nature" and I do not think he is used to that.

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