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  •  Jim Cooper voted against Republican Bill (9+ / 0-)

    "demanding" Obama produce a budget.  Twenty-six moderate Democrats, almost all from purple/red districts, voted with Republicans.  The vote was on Wednesday.  Cooper must be feeling the heat from liberals on his Sandy vote, because a bill like this is something Cooper, a fiscal hawk, would normally support.

    It was a stupid bill, because the House can't "force" Obama to produce a budget.  He should, though, because it's bad PR not to.  But the vote was just Republican whining and grandstanding, and some Democrats in swingy districts took the opportunity to make themselves look "bipartisan" by voting with the Republicans.

    Notably voting against the bill with the liberal Democrats was Nick Rahall (D-WV), which is a sign that he may not be running for Senate.  By voting against it, he just makes it too easy for Republicans to attack him.  The only other red district Democrat to vote against was Peterson (MN).

    The most notable, "no" vote, though was Paul Broun, who was the only Republican to vote against the resolution.  I'm about 101% sure it wasn't a vote against from the left, so it must have been something like "Hey, Obama, you didn't turn in your homework on time.  Too late now!  Impeachment!"

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