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    Leicester University is considering how to share the discovery with the public, along with checks by scientists and preparations for the media invasion – including how many bacon butties they will need to feed film crews....

    In September the university said results would take "about 12 weeks". In late December, rumours circulated that the delay was because the results were negative or inconclusive, but the university insists the tests simply took longer than expected because of their range and complexity.

    The tests included attempts to extract DNA to compare with that of Michael Ibsen, a Canadian believed to be a direct descendant of Richard's sister Anne. Bone samples have also been dated and tooth samples have been analysed for diet and health. Forensic pathologists, with experts on mediaeval weaponry, have been poring over the skeleton to determine the cause of death.

    If the remains are confirmed as Richard's, the next battle will be over what happens next. There have been demands for a full state funeral, and rival claims that he should be buried in York Minster, as the last king from the north, or Westminster Abbey.

    The people of Leicester insist he should stay in their city, a call supported by Mr Ibsen, who told the Leicester Mercury: "He was killed there and he was buried there. My personal feeling is that it's only proper he remains there."

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