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  •  Actually George III had seven sons (2+ / 0-)
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    PeteZerria, Cartoon Peril

    Edward was #3 or #4, I can't quite recall. But they were:

    George IV: Had one legit child (Charlotte) who died in childbirth. Loathed her mother (he luckily knocked her up the one time he stooped to having sex with her) and due to his boozing and awful diet he was likely impotent before too long.

    Frederick: Major league boozer and partier who seldom if ever touched his wife.

    Edward: Vicious sadist who got a kick out of whipping people (it also caused him to pee his pants). Had, as you said, a long time mistress that he dumped after Charlotte died and the rest of George III's sons did a mad scramble to marry and produce a legit heri. He won, fathering Victoria and then died a year after she was born.

    William IV: Lived openly with his actress mistress and had ten (!) kids with her, but dumped her when he needed an increase on his allowance that only a legit wife could provide. Had no kids with her.

    Ernst: A sinister and much loathed fellow who was accused of murdering a servant and of raping and fathering a child with his sister. Later served as King of Hanover (the family's ancestral home in Germany) after Victoria took the British throne (German Salic law preventing a woman from taking Hanover's throne).

    Son #6: Don't know much about this one.

    Adolphus: A weird, eccentric little man who got married to a woman he'd never met before. Grandfather of George V's wife Mary.

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