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  •  I think most likely after 1865-70. (4+ / 0-)
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    Even though a few studio photographs were made a bit earlier than that, it was not common. For a downstate man to have access to such a studio suggests a time when the photo studio market was well saturated by businesses.

    By his suit, it could be even later. I have been working on old family photos and find that the suits do have distinctive collar differences at times. This suit is much more in the recent style and therefore likely not as early as might be guessed.

    But for a photo story that I think is funny, I found a common ancestor on for whom someone had posted a photo. This man died in 1754. The woman who posted it had a comment that she had been left a box of photos from her father's family (a divorced father, I think) and her mom told her they were old people from her dad's family. So she just started matching them to names . . .

    Ha,ha. I did leave her a comment about the very first photo being taken in 1827 or so, and that this one was a studio photo likely from the 1870s, with a typical plush background.
    I also pointed out that he was not wearing knee breeches as might have been the case in 1750, but she never responded.

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