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View Diary: Browned-out Boston Herald outs McCain SOS scheming - Update: Brown weakened MA Repubs (109 comments)

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    Jeff Y, bontemps2012, citylights

    People here were affronted when Dems would call it "Ted Kennedy's seat" during that election. They'd say "it's the PEOPLE's" seat!. And there wouldn't be a good reponse sadly.

    Thing is, Ted Kennedy a Dem was voted in for six yrs but completed only four. The election was for someone to Complete His Term. A Dem already had been elected for those two yrs by the people but had the misfortune (as did we, hugely) of Dying.

    So I feel that the person who was to complete TK's term should be of the same party and vote roughly how TK would have.

    It's a slap in the face..his face...for a Rep to finish his duly elected term. ALmost profane to his ideals, in my mind.

    So that's another reason why generic placeholder Dem such as Coakley got my vote though I disliked her personally. Brown had succeeded in letting people forget that it was just to finish Ted Kennedy's term.

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