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View Diary: 2nd Update: Our Autistic Son's Arrest in the Press, YOU got the District's Attention, They Freak Out (251 comments)

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  •  I did not get a notification from these folks (25+ / 0-)

    But I did sign the petition.  I had a similar (not identical) experience with my stepson.  

    He was pulled out of class and searched, and interrogated by the police.  We did not find out about this until he got home.  His mother was never notified that anything was going on.  It happened at 8:00 in the morning, and we hadn't gotten word one out of them by the time he came home at 3:30.

    The cause of this event was someone else's kid, who was connected to the school administration apparently, called and said that the other kid that my stepson was with had a gun.  It turns out, they apparently thought his iPhone was a gun.

    The real issue was, my stepson is a non-conformist, and has on more than one occasion attracted hostile attention because he refuses to be like the other kids.  This sounds like a story about the 1960's, but amazingly enough in today's world with all the troubles we have a kid with a heavy metal t-shirt is still scary.

    I feel that with, or without a serious issue as described by the OP, school officials doing anything disciplinary with our kids and not telling us, is unacceptable.  It's just 100x worse when the kid doesn't even know why he's being arrested, and can't defend himself.

    Count me in.  I will join your army.  I have 3 more kids still to get through school (I count my two stepchildren as "my" kids, because they are wonderful).  I won't watch them grow up in a fucking police state.

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