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  •  I have to say, it always amazes me when you are (5+ / 0-)

    looking at some phenomenal photos, and someone asks the photographer "Wow - what kind of camera do you use?"  That would be like asking Wynton Marsalis what brand of trumpet he plays.  Yes, a good instrument (like a good camera) will allow an artist to take their work to a higher level, but handing Eddie's camera or Wynton's trumpet to the average person on the street would not result in great art being made.

    My dad and I were talking about art last week.  He's a retired auto designer, and sometimes teaches art at the nearby senior center.  He's teaching drawing now, and said "Drawing is about two things:  eye-hand coordination and having a feeling for your subject.  If it was just eye-hand coordination, teenagers would be the best artists."  His students do some wonderful work, even if they don't quite have the mechanics of drawing down pat because they have a lifetime of developing feeling for their subjects.  The camera is like eye-hand coordination.

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