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  •  Jobs move, Houses don't (1+ / 0-)
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    So why not move the jobs closer to houses?

    •  It's a chicken and egg situation (1+ / 0-)
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      For many businesses none of their employees live in any one particular location. And even if they did, there's no saying that the business can find an acceptable facility where the people live.  Many businesses are location dependent, too, so they're not free to just up and move where ever they choose. A distribution warehouse,  for instance, has to be near its transportation links, but its employees might be equally distributed in all directions. On the other side of the equation it's not like people can easily pick up an move just because they had to change jobs and their commute has increased dramatically.  I think the cost of transportation is gradually forcing people to more carefully consider where they live, work, and shop, but we're not at a point where people can reliably find work within easy commuting distances.  As it is, people are willing to commute long distances to jobs, which makes it kind of hard for many businesses, even if a business is willing, to move closer to a meaningful percentage of their workers.

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