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  •  Many European cities (5+ / 0-)

    have taken this building-code idea in a slightly different direction, by mandating Green Roofs.  Unlike white-painted parking lots, these reduce both cooling and heating costs, assist with managing stormwater runoff, and provide sanctuaries for ecological diversity, as well as, frankly, looking a lot prettier than the vast majority of modern architecture.  They can also be integrated with Solar arrays in a complimentary system where the two techniques actually benefit one another rather than being mutually exclusive.

    Personally, as an ecological gardener, I can't see why we don't mandate this on every flat roof that can support it.  Every bit of green is precious, and helps to mitigate the damage that urbanization has done to our Earth.  We've already established that life will adapt and often thrive, opportunistically, in the artificial niches and habitats we create.  We need to take a more conscious attitude towards guiding and encouraging the right kinds of biological colonization and diversity.  Otherwise, we're stuck with starlings, rats, cockroaches and coyotes.  And wiregrass.

    •  Usually don't nitpick anyone's comments (0+ / 0-)

      but coyotes are one of the most important top tier predators.

      As a farmer, i appreciate them for their rodent control abilities and their intelligence.

      In my view, they are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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