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  •  Solar film cheaper than white paint (3+ / 0-)
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    Might be called grass.  Or moss.  Or, unfortunately, mold.  But you get the idea.  These things already exist, and will do half the work for you if you simply introduce them to appropriate resources and stop actively exterminating them at every opportunity.

    A lot of the creepy sterility of our human world is the direct result of a deliberate aesthetic cultivated during the first half of the 20th century called Modernism, which extolled the perfection of "clean lines" and "uncluttered landscape" and expanses of steel and concrete as expressions of human power.  The Nazis and Communists are famous for it, but they only invested in a movement that was already well underway.  In America, much of this was invested in near-worship of all things related to aviation and space science.  Think about science fiction novel covers.  There are no trees in Outer Space.  And, theoretically, no mold, mildew or insects.  Everything is sanitary.  Perfectly clean and devoid of life.

    Only problem is, we happen to be living beings ourselves.  And new developments in science suggest that we aren't even single organisms, but collections of cohabitating symbiotic life-forms.  We depend on the bacteria in our guts to digest our food, and the mitochondria encased in our cells to process our intracellular energy.  In the larger world, we need plants to produce oxygen, a wide array of foodstuffs, and an even wider array of supporting organisms to keep our foodstuffs and symbionts fed and healthy.

    Solar film on the oceans = algae.  Solar film on the mountains = lichen, alpines.  We don't have to invent any of this stuff.  All we have to do is quit poisoning it.

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