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View Diary: Watch: Zach Wahls smacks down anti-gay bigot on CNN over Scouting gay ban (65 comments)

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  •  I'd never heard of Ed Whelan (1+ / 0-)
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    before this diary.  Heard of Zach, though, and love him for his brains and heart and courage. How dare he use reason and logic against Ed's bias?!

    Throughout the interview, I thought Zach seemed very well prepared and well-traveled on the debate points.  On the other hand, Ed looked like he'd been told to control himself despite a black rage boiling inside of him over the thought that anyone would challenge him.

    The host challenged him with that powerful question, and of course, Zach challenged him with logic.

    Ed wasn't ready for either one.  He sounded irrational.  He struck me as a Might is Right kind of guy, someone who doesn't tolerate opposing opinions on anything.

    And:  I'm glad I'd not Ed Whelan's son.

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