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View Diary: Watch: Zach Wahls smacks down anti-gay bigot on CNN over Scouting gay ban (65 comments)

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  •  And Mr. Whelan, a couple more (3+ / 0-)

    things, if you don't mind.

    First, you declare that homosexual men and women should not be in scouting owing to their moral betrayal of the Scouts' traditional moral model.  As regards men, where exactly on the Kinsey Scale would the cut-off be?

    I'm guessing you'd tolerate Kinsey 1s.  Maybe 2s.  How about 3s or 4s?  We're going to need some specific clinical guidance from you on this matter so we know at what point on the Kinsey Scale morality stops and immorality begins.  

    And second, as regards Eagle Scouts who find themselves, some years after all the camping and fishing and so forth, mayors of cities of 8 million people.  Eight million folks, among whom are some many, many lesbians and gay men.  They mayor is mayor of all those 8 million, not just the straight ones.  

    Should Mayor Bloomberg renounce his rank as Eagle Scout in deference to the Scouts' "moral tradition" which seeks to ban homosexual men and women?  In sanctioning gay rights, has Mayor Bloomberg transgressed against the Scouts?  And will you be calling him out on this in the media soon?

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