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View Diary: Watch: Zach Wahls smacks down anti-gay bigot on CNN over Scouting gay ban (65 comments)

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  •  I like the point the host was starting to make (0+ / 0-)

    before being cut off with a slightly different topic.

    Whelan opened by trying to allude to the idea that the reason for the no gays as leaders policy was that it's a bad idea for the adults to be of a sexual orientation that would be attracted to males if they're going to chaperone the boys.  Later the host tried bringing up a great example proving the fact that the BSA leadership themselves don't even believe this is the reason.   But he got stopped before he could get to the end of the point.  

    The host tried doing this by mentioning the lesbian den mother of a cub scout group being kicked out for being gay.  I can see where he was going with it.  He was going to point out that obviously in the case of den MOTHERS in cub scouts it would be the straight leaders who would be attracted to males, not the gay ones.  If the BSA really believed the horseshit about sexual attraction to the gender a child belongs to causing a pedophilia risk, then it should be happy to have a lesbian den mother.  In fact by that "logic" the BSA should consider a straight den mother a greater pedophilia risk than a lesbian one.  So the fact that it kicked out a lesbian den mother for being lesbian is rather strong proof that the BSA themselves don't actually believe this pedophilia risk is the real reason for their policy.  It's lock solid proof that when they claim attraction to boys is the reason for their concern that they're not merely being ignorant.  They're being liars.  They themselves know they don't really do it for that reason.

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