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  •  It all needs to be reclassified with legalization (6+ / 0-)

    And we would probably be best off if a non-profit non-governmental agency handled the distribution. The taxes should only go towards education, and medicare. And both of those should be linked to and perhaps part of the agency. Pot will probably continue being marketed as it is but all the harder stuff should probably be distributed by trained medical personnel and /or pharmacists.

    There should  be a ceiling on how much pharmaceuticals  can make on the stuff as they'll do fine with straight up volume sales. If it becomes a cash cow for everyone I smell trouble. With such an agency they can also be responsible for getting people off addictive drugs. What to do with meth and PCP and such I don't know. Perhaps a few things will need to remain illegal or strictly limited depending on the substance. But where law enforcement needs to step in there will be much smaller numbers to contend with and the book should be thrown with extreme prejudice at any dealers outside of the system if pretty much everything or something quite similar is available.

    But lets put pot and coffee and mushrooms and Oxycontin and everything else into real world categories decided by doctors and scientist and keep the politicians out of it. They are not needed in determining the values, risks, addiction risk to the human body. And again, the distributors should also be centers of education in many forms and provide access to medical facilities as needed.

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