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  •  Me too -- a motorcycle (9+ / 0-)

    I was working and staying (living is an overstatement) in Santa Clara at the time.

    I'd taken the day off to visit friends in Felton and had just finished coming back down Hwy 9 at the usual suicidal speeds.

    Fortunately I was pulling into the driveway when the quake knocked me off the bike.

    Power was out for a few days but I don't remember that being a particularly horrendous burden. I think the worst part was helping my friend Haru try to clean up his restaurant. He had a collection of glass art throughout the place and it was shin deep in shards.

    Those friends in Felton had it worse. The quake didn't cause much damage there except that the female half of that couple was asleep in front of a large entertainment center that toppled and broke her pelvis and one of her legs. Hubby getting her to the hospital is a tale in itself but the worst for her was being in a body cast in a hospital bed during the aftershocks. She was so traumatized by it all they moved to Arkansas as soon as she could walk and haven't been back since.

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